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Online Tutoring or Home Tutoring is immeasurably rewarding as a full-time or part-time tutor. A tutor can enjoy an enriching experience and earn a significant income with online courses.

Some strategic incentives for tutoring are:-

  • Earning more while working less, is a motivation for tutoring. Without having to work all the days of the week or 10 hours a day, a tutor can earn as much or even more than a full-time teacher.

  • Being able to schedule your online classes and having the liberty to choose your courses, gives you plenty of free time to focus on your career, interests or hobbies.

  • The possibility of having a positive influence on the lives of students is extremely gratifying.

  • The tutoring industry is growing significantly, and having tutoring experience on your resume is a large feather in your cap.


Anyone can become a tutor with our easy process. All you have to do is “Sign up”.

Once you “sign-in” you will have access to your personal “Profile” page, where you can add your essential information such as; country, city, subject and price and introductory video.

You can review students requests for “online tutoring” or “home tutoring” on the “Requests” page and apply for tutoring sessions. Students will then select a tutor from the list of tutors that have applied and contact the tutor. The tutor will respond to the student’s request and coordinate the session schedule and location (for home tutoring) or to discuss materials on the subject. The tutor can approve, decline the schedule of the session.


Modaris coins will enable the tutor to apply for home tutoring inquiries. Tutors can click here or on any home tutoring request to purchase coins. They need 1 coin to be able to apply for one home tutoring inquiry.

Applying with priority: To show up first to students, the tutor must click on a home tutoring request either from their email or on the request page. Tutors should click on “Apply” then choose “Apply with Priority” to apply for 2 coins to appear first in the list of tutors.

Find out more here about Modaris and how you can get the most benefit from it by tutoring online.


Having access to the right tools, a vast student catalog, and the ability to schedule multiple sessions and secure payments is fundamental for tutors.

Modaris, as a leading tutoring medium, has designed, developed, and perfected its platform, providing virtual tools, while tutors are encouraged to provide a seamless learning experience for students.

With an award-winning website and indispensable educational tool-kits, Modaris has made online tutoring and home tutoring a straightforward process for tutors and students.

Access to students

Signing up with Modaris gives you access to students searching for tutors for a large selection of subjects.

Indispensable Educational Tool-kits

The Modaris modern Virtual eClassroom is explicitly designed for tutors, allowing tutors to teach coding, present YouTube Videos, media files, documents, and various other forms of content.

Modaris App

A convenient, efficient Tutoring Management app that keeps you in touch with students, and schedules all your classes.

Teach anywhere anytime

You can schedule your classes as per your suitability. Take your sessions from anywhere and on your own time.

Add All Your Subjects

There are no limits to the subjects that you can offer your students.

Guarantee Your Payment

Offline payments (Home tutoring) – You will collect the offline payments directly from the student after finishing the session. Modaris will not pay the tutor for Home Tutoring.

Online payments (Modaris Virtual Classroom) – Modaris will guarantee payments for sessions taken only on Modaris Virtual Classroom.

Analytics about Your Students

Find out how many people are looking for your subjects, how much they are paying, and more. This will help you attain and retain more students.

Visit our website for all the information you require. You can also visit for detailed information and FAQ on how to become a tutor.

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