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If you have a passion for music, art, cooking, or technology; taking up an online tutoring course to expand your understanding of these interests will benefit you for the rest of your life. These activities complement the academic curriculum and expand your educational experience.

Learning supplementary skills in addition to your formal academic courses, such as skill-based tutoring courses; helps develop your cognitive abilities. Although they are not part of the academic curriculum, they are a fundamental part of your educational growth.

Taking up tutoring courses to learn a new language, a musical instrument, baking, graphic design, or even coding courses, cultivate a student’s interpersonal, critical thinking, self-reflection, and problem-solving skills and plays a critical role in the college experience.

Scheduling time to learn an activity that you love provides a productive break from the monotony of schoolwork.

Here are a few examples of how learning a new skill has an impact on not just your academic performance but on all aspects of your life.

Improvement in academic performance

Research has shown that students who engage in music, sports, and arts performed better in reading, math and their course grades were found to be positively affected.

Social Skills

Away from the strict setting of a classroom, learning something you enjoy and then being able to share your passion with like-minded friends helps you develop your social skills while you interact and learn from each other.


Making time and balancing your schedule for the things you love to do in addition to your schoolwork, lays the foundation for time- management skills that you will utilize for the rest of your life.

Resume builder.

Having additional skills in your university or job application is a superb way to impress. It shows that you are effective both in and out of the classroom and it adds character to your resume. Your additional skills show you are capable of handling additional tasks as well as having a wide range of interests.


A student who takes the time to expand their understanding by persevering to do more indicates they already possess the characteristics of a leader.

In addition to the above benefits, here are some indispensable life skills that students develop through additional skill-based courses.

Analytical and logical thinking – ability to analyze situations and actions.

Critical thinking – ability to evaluate issues.

Creative thinking – finding innovative ways to visualize and undertake tasks.

Problem-solving – through experience and diverse concepts finding solutions to problems.

Emotional competence – knowing your strengths and weakness and being able to control your emotions.

Communication skills – Being able to express yourself clearly and knowing when to talk and when to listen.

Technological skills – staying up-to-date with technological advances.

Ethical values – having a good moral compass to guide you.

The benefits of learning a new skill in addition to schoolwork are far-reaching. They enable you to take on challenges head-on and provide you with the ability to handle complex situations in your personal and professional life. So start an online course! Participating in something you love will help you with all your future endeavors, and live a meaningful life.

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