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Middle-East loves private tutors ! Here's what the reports say

The current demand for private tutoring services is at an all-time high and is expected to witness an immense growth by 2025 as per Global After-school Tutoring Market Report 2018, published by HTF Market Intelligence though their market research channel. Though the rest of the world is slowly adapting to the idea of private tutoring, the Middle-East seemed to have already adapted to this forecasted change wholeheartedly. Although it is not required for every child to have a private tutor, at some point in the student life, you would feel the need to have one.

The tutoring sector can be categorized into three,

Group Tutoring

This traditional model of tutoring is an effective one in terms of social interaction and affordability. Though this methodology comprises visual, physical, auditory and conversational forms of learning it limits the peer to have full a stretched interaction with the tutor at a certain level.

For instance, a tutor can't slow down the pace of teaching for the sake of a single student.

Private Tutoring

Private tutoring solves the issue specified above as the student gets focused attention on his/her doubts and can clear them directly, without smiling to the scowls.

This mode of tutoring, when compared with group learning technique weighs low on affordability and grouped interactions. Nevertheless, the primary objective of learning can be effectively carried out here.

Online tutoring

With the introduction of ease of access tools and widespread availability of internet, online tutoring emerged as yet another key player in the tutoring industry with a focus on connecting a tutor and peer remotely. The tutor or the student need not be present at the same location or even the continent, only a valid internet connection connecting the two and a platform would do the work.

Preference for private tutoring in the Middle-East

In the Middle East, private tutoring has proven to be one of the most effective approach for students in achieving their academic potential, as it is tailored in such a way that the focus is narrowed down to a single student, adapting to the learning style or pace, most comfortable for the student.

The other reason being, availability of experts in the field for tutoring.

For instance, if you can get a Microsoft employee to clear your doubts in basic programming

Or say, a research scholar in radiology to help you with gene structure, how amazing would that be?

Private tutoring in the Middle-East facilitates a similar situation with the availability and willingness of experts in tutoring. The demand for experts is at rise in this region and makeup to nearly 50% of the total private tutors as per Modaris’s data report of 2018(report limited to Modaris). The Availability of such qualified private tutors also aids in pumping up the trust and reliability of one-to-one tutoring services.

Advantages of private tutoring over the others

  • Students can choose to accelerate or decelerate their pace of learning depending on their availability and need

  • Tutoring needs for niche fields, e.g. if a student needs coaching in the verbal section of GRE test or analytical writing assessment of GMAT can choose a tutor most appropriate for that, rather than joining a full-fledged course

  • The tutor can easily get to know the learning style of your child. It’d be easier for the child to learn.

  • Students who need considerable assistance with a subject can use private tutoring as they may not be able to follow or keep up with the pace in a classroom setting

  • A student who is doing well with a subject but would like some intensive practice session to excel can use private tutoring as classroom setting may be too easy or slow for their liking.

Every student has their preferences and selecting between different tutoring groups depends on several factors such as tutor's expertise, ease, reliability, and affordability. Though no group is better than the other, there’s a gradual phase change of preference towards private tutoring among these. But again, it’s the student who decides between the three and his/her need that drives that decision.

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