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How To Be A Tutor

Imagine being a part of somebody’s growth, and helping them become who they want to be. You will experience the ultimate joy of making a difference in someone’s life and that factor itself inspires so many in choosing to tutor. The fact that the popularity of tutors is increasing day by day isn’t surprising at all. Anyone can teach you things, and to be honest, everyone is your teacher at some point in your life. But let’s not get into these philosophies now, becoming a tutor isn’t that difficult but there are few things that you should keep in mind before becoming a tutor.

Identify the age group you want to tutor

Perhaps you’re more comfortable with high school students or maybe kids. Every age group requires a specific set of requirements that comply with their learning style, and targeting the age group you want to tutor would be the foremost step in tutoring. A specially-abled and a university student’s requisite will be entirely different in terms of approachability and learning curves. Choosing the most appropriate set of age groups can narrow down a great deal of confusion for a tutor.

For instance, the preferred age group can be specified by tutors on Modaris. The best place to do this is in the tutor description and by adding that detail, a student will have a clear picture in selecting the appropriate tutor.

Pick the subjects you want to tutor.

You could be ‘the jack of all trades’ when it comes to advising fellow peers, but when it comes to teaching a subject, a person has to be thorough in that topic and should be able to convey the idea clearly to a student. A formal education, for instance, a bachelor’s degree or any qualification, as per your tutoring subject, can make your profile stand out in the field. On Modaris, a tutor can add as many subjects and skills he/she would like in their profile and get verified in their respective skills. Verified tutors are those whose teaching and communication skills are vetted by a member of the Modaris team.

Understand the study curriculum.

There are numerous study curricula in a single country, localized, international, and not every school/university follows the same. Hence the study topics and depths differ per curriculum. So before you accept a student, it’s imperative to be aware of the study topics. For example, the depth of math in AICE, IB, and AP is quite different when you compare the topics covered at their respective levels. Hence a tutor should be aware of the topics included in these curricula.

Tutors on Modaris are able to highlight the curricula that they're able to teach on their profile and this allows the students to make an informed decision when booking the tutor.

Shape your tutoring methodology.

I still remember my math tutor who taught amazing strategies to solve arithmetic problems and a physics tutor who taught theorems and proofs with stories and examples. These are the tutors I still remember, and these are the topics that would stay with me forever.

Mostly because they were super creative with their techniques and had a flair in storytelling. Some tutors like to explain everything like in a story and sometimes with a presentation, or a humorous personal experience, and these are the ones that stand out to a student learning experience.

Listen to your students.

Though I would recommend this for all ages, professions, and relationships (you heard me right, and I would stress on this personally), but yes, listening is an essential skill for a tutor. Listen to what a student says, tip to toe, and then try to tailor a student’s learning experience accordingly. Their feedback plays a significant role in improving efficiency as well as making the tutoring session more comfortable and enjoyable to a student.

Pick the right spot

Most students, as well as their parents, feel more comfortable when they are taught in a familiar surrounding and hence would prefer tutoring sessions at their own respectable home. For the tutor, though, this could be an issue if the tutor lives far away. Though in some cases, the students would rather not be at their home and prefer other places for personal reasons, in such instances, cafes or public places like libraries can help the tutor. If you’re a tutor on Modaris, don’t worry fam, we’re working on an exciting new partnership that benefits tutors in terms of transportation :)


Increasing or decreasing the amount in hourly rate can, in fact, influence a student’s decision when selecting a tutor. It’d be best to identify the ongoing rate and select the appropriate one.

Also, insist on payment after each session to be on the safer side.

We at Modaris recommend that tutors start off by charging a relatively lower hourly rate and increase it gradually when your profile is popular and you get more bookings and more student reviews.

Hopefully, these tips will answer each and every one of your burning questions about becoming a tutor and provide you with all the information to get started with tutoring!

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