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The Covid-19 crisis has caused global disruption and has fundamentally changed the traditional education setting. There is an urgent requirement for tutors to assist with the school curriculum during the crisis, to minimize its consequences, and improve the quality of education for students.


One of the oldest forms of education, tutoring, is now playing a vital role as it is one of the most effective ways of lifting student achievement. Tutoring is the most prevalent, adaptable, and transformational choice in the educational toolkit. With schools currently closed or in limbo and students doing their best to keep up, students have turned to private tutoring and online tutors to fill in this academic void.

Online tutoring, private tutoring, and Homework Help had previously played a supplemental role but have now become an indispensable requirement for students the world over. Although online classes do help keep students engaged. Time constraints, not being able to cover a topic or subject thoroughly, make it difficult for students to complete the subject matter they learn online.


Here are some crucial points that illustrate why students need tutoring during this crisis.

Keeping-up with classes

Tutors make sure students stay on course and fill in their knowledge gaps with their school work.

Get back on track

Many students are now behind grade level. With proper guidance, tutors make sure students are up-to-date with coursework.

Supplementary Support

In addition to courses, tutors also provide students with moral, motivational, and psychological support they now critically require and help them reach and recognize their full potential.

Private tutoring (One-to-One academic assistance)

Each student will have his or her private tutor, at home or online, who will solely focus on his or her requirements, providing the student with personal attention.

Customizable schedules & subject choice

Students can schedule classes with their tutors when they require and select the courses they need assistance with.

Assisting parents & teachers

Parents have now, in part, taken over academic responsibilities and have become mathematicians and scientists, all while being active with their private and professional lives. Tutors take the load off of parents and teachers and provide students with the support they require.


Modaris is a platform where you can find tutors for any subject and curriculum. From math to biology. Students can even find instructors for various skills like drawing, surfing, and cooking.

You can find the tutor you need here at Modaris by following these quick and easy steps.


Step 1 - Post a Request

Post a specific topic or a specific question. Tutors will apply to your request and offer their help.

Step 2 - Choose Your Perfect Tutor

Choose your tutor among many of those who apply. You can select depending on reviews, experience, price, and other factors.

Step 3 - Start a Session Online or at Home

Choose “Contact me” to get a call from the tutor if you want home tutoring, or choose a tutor with the "Online Now" tag, and click "Take a Session" to take your session online.


There has been a rise in students putting in the time and effort to expand their knowledge and skills as they enjoy growing their hobbies, considering what may seem like an acceptable way to spend time, will play a decisive role in their development.

Besides online tutoring, private tuition, students can also try out extracurricular and skill development activities. Students can unwind, explore, and discover exciting hobbies. Instructors provide opportunities to refine skills or pick up new and exciting hobbies, learning musical instruments, languages, coding, and graphic design.


Looking ahead, schools will reopen, and students will continue to require support as they adjust to catching up, keeping up, and staying on course. Tutors have the power to help you improve your grades and improve academic performance. You can find the tutor you need here at Modaris.

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