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7 Steps For Tutors To Maximize Their Bookings

What do you think attracts the most to students when picking a tutor?

Your price? Or is it your profile strength?

And even if it's both of these, the question is what and where or just plainly, how?

If you're just as buzzed as an average human caught in the act, don't fret it, we've got your back. At Modaris, we believe in empowering both our students and tutors with our data and help you to get the best of Modaris.

We’ve prepared a list of 7 steps for tutors to maximize their bookings on Modaris.

Pricing Smartly

Yes. The students do care about how much they're paying for a subject and the value they're getting from the tutors. After a student searches for a specific topic, the next concern would be the price and proximity. Though we can't really do a thing about proximity, we can, however, about the price. Since you're competing with several private tutors in your area, the price has to be in range with the tutors around you. But how do you know which price range to pick?

Now, you don't really have to worry a lot about this, with Dynamic Pricing you'll know exactly how much you should charge per student based on factors like subject popularity, locality, number of tutors, accessibility, and how much a student is paying and willing to pay in an area.

You'll find more about dynamic pricing and how you can make use of this feature to choose a specific price range here.

A High-Resolution Picture

A profile picture helps you in creating the best possible first impression of you on students and parents. In fact, a picture isn't just about a person's identity; but a symbol of trust when it comes to a student scrolling through profiles. According to a research paper on Psychological Science, it's said that we’re able to draw conclusions about people based on a photo in 40 milliseconds. That’s less than one-half of one-tenth of a second. So make sure you upload a high-quality picture and get those trust points :)

Be Specific About Your Subjects.

You could be the jack of all trades and probably be comfortable with teaching students of all grades and all subjects, or only just the elementary classes. But students or parents might not know this unless it's mentioned. So, don’t forget to add all the subjects you're skilled in tutoring, the language it'll be taught, and the curricula.

For instance, if a student prefers a female tutor who can teach in Arabic, the same will be entered in the search query. So it's quite important that you specify what you're offering, the level, and the language you're comfortable in tutoring.

Add A Great Bio

Just like your picture, a great bio tells a story about you and makes your profile more comfortable for the students. In a way, the student gets to know you better through a well-written bio, and trust me; this itself can convince a student to choose you over others. Think about this, after you've read a biography of a person, say, 'Long Walk To Freedom' by Nelson Mandela, you'd feel more connected to him, his thoughts and life, than before. More like someone we've known for a while and less like a stranger. Though we wouldn't recommend adding a full-length autobiography of yours, a short, yet honest bio does the job.

Experience And Expertise.

Don't feel shy about bragging about your achievements. Your unique experience and expertise play a vital role in attracting students or parents.

You could be a fire safety engineer with 10 years of experience in fire safety and a degree in the same, which can assure the students in your knowledge of the subject. Adding information about your experience and expertise not only gives you credibility but also an upper hand over the other tutors.

Your Complete Information

What good would a good profile do when the students can't reach you?

Of course, you could lose those students. When a student clicks on the 'book' button, a notification is sent to the tutors by both email and a text message, which makes it the most critical detail in your profile. So whatever you do, make sure that information is correct, and you're reachable.

P.s- A prompt reply is always recommended to assure the booking, and limit the ditching.

Get Verified!

A verified badge is a symbol of assurance from our team to the students about the tutor's teaching and communication skills in a subject and his/her ability to teach.

To get your profile verified, you'll first have to request a demo by mail (to, and we'll schedule you for a demo session. The process is quite simple, you have to teach a topic of your choice for 5 mins to our Tutor Leader, and based on your performance, ability to teach and answer questions, we'll verify you.

Have you implemented these steps in your profile? If so, comment below how many.

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