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6 Tips For Students to Stay Productive when Studying at Home

Have you ever felt that there isn’t enough time to complete your studies at home? Or, while you're all set to study online?

Of course, there will always be something to distract you. But instead of complaining that there isn’t enough time, you can take into account these simple steps to make sure that you’ll have enough time for your studies and to be more productive.

Here are our top 6 tips for students to stay productive when studying at home or online.

Take notes and prepare review cards.

Hand-written notes are the best way to allow your brain to absorb and process maximum information you are gathering while you study. You might already have your textbook and classroom notes to help you learn, but a great set of notes will always make it easier to revise, prepare your assignments, and even discussions. Even better, if you can turn these notes into fancy flashcards (the physical ones, of course). The process of preparing notes or flashcards helps in improving the understanding and clarity of concepts.

Have a designated study area

Oh yes! The TV volume, your annoying sibling’s vocal training, noise from the kitchen and backyard, pets, etc. are all distractions in a way, and these distractions can jeopardize the efficiency of your learning experience to an extent. It’s always recommended to choose a designated study area, with fewer disturbances, and preferably with materials that are required for that subject. For example, keeping a geometry box next to you while studying literature can tempt you to rearrange the geometry box for the next half an hour. We have all been there; let’s not do that again.

Different Ways of Learning

Research shows that different methodologies and mediums can stimulate different areas of the brain, and leads to heightened brain activity and can result in better learning abilities. Instead of carrying out the same study methodology, try different methods, and don’t let your study plan get monotonous and hamper your productivity levels. You could improve your productivity level by mixing it up a little from every source.

For instance, besides reading your textbooks, refer to online tutorials, online sources like and digital books to learn from a variety of sources. This will not only help keep your mind fresh and attentive but also improve your retention power.

Less sugar, more veggies.

Having too much of sugary foods and beverages while or before studying have scientifically proven to make the students drowsy and tired. Unless, of course, you’re a fitness guru burning all the calories with a mile run after consumption. So it is advised to take less sugary foods and replace them with more healthy options like veggies or rice cakes.

Digital detox

Phones, tablets, TVs, computers, gaming consoles, virtual assistants – screens and voices are everywhere these days – and they’re all filled with apps, games, and videos designed to get your attention, resulting in decreased productivity. If you’re having trouble focusing, the most natural solution is to avoid these smart devices completely. Put your phone in a cupboard, or another room if necessary, or you could even try going to the library to study and leave your phone at home. Any place that you feel safe from these screens.

Take Adequate Breaks

Locked yourself in your room till you finish all the assigned tasks of the day may seem like the right way to get things done in less time, but in reality, it proves counter-productive, and on the contrary, taking regular breaks can help you enhance the productivity and focus level. So, instead of aiming for a 7-hour study schedule, divide your study time into smaller ones of 40 to 60 minutes each. At the end of each session, take a 5-10 minute break to walk around the house, drink some water, have a quick snack, or just talk to someone.

Have you tried implementing any of these simple steps to your study schedule while studying at home or online?

Let us know in the comments.

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