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6 Things To Consider Before You Hire A Private Tutor

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Most parents hire a tutor because their child has either fallen behind in one or more subjects or because they aren’t pushed enough at school, so a tutor’s support is very important in a student’s life. It’s very important to know what to consider when hiring a private tutor as they can have a huge impact on a student’s life, often in a very positive way. If a private tutoring session isn’t done correctly, it can really knock a student’s confidence or confuse them further in their studies.

The fact is, people have accepted this fact, and they are spending a hefty amount for private tutoring sessions nowadays. The industry's growth is forecasted to reach $227 billion by 2022 according to a report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc

But how do you know if you would pick the right tutor? Or the best one, per se.

"Best" here is subjective as it depends on factors, such as compatibility, passion towards teaching, practical knowledge, etc

These are the key factors we think are crucial when you pick a private tutor.

Identify your objective

"Are you underperforming in one topic repeatedly?"


"Are you trying to be the top scorer of the class?"

First off, identify what your objective is, then you will have a clear picture of what you're trying to achieve. Every selection process should have a goal, and identifying your goal will make the selection process more straightforward. It's the same when you pick a private tutor.

For example, a student might find it difficult to pace up in solving equations due to his/her weak understanding of BODMAS or division rule. And if the tutor trains him/her in tackling complex mathematical problems by non-conventional approaches such as 'plugging in' or 'backsolving,' the student would still lack the fundamental knowledge of solving and would fall back in class.

Tutor's credibility

Credibility is such a crucial factor while looking for an appropriate tutor as you wouldn't really know about the tutor or his/her capability in teaching or knowledge in topics. A credibility check can act as a primary refining criteria while searching, but again, that doesn't do the job.

For example, a tutor with sociological background, in early childhood development can help the child a lot better the generic tutors as they'll be having in-depth knowledge in these topics but not necessarily

Ratings and reviews

Watch for the ratings and reviews on the sites. Though they don't tell you everything about a tutor, you'll be able to get an idea about approaches or topics often taught.

For instance, when you book a tutor through Modaris, you can look for the ratings and reviews on the tutor's profile. The students/guardians often comment about the tutor's approach and the effectiveness of the session in the review section. So, if you want a tutor who can help you understand the basics with witty stories, that can be done.


This is yet another factor when you hire a tutor. It is true that we humans can adapt and survive any given situation but this takes time and effort. However, it’s a different story with some people; You can bond within 5 minutes of “hey” and be comfortable with their explanations, and such factors affect a student’s learning curve to an extent.

Compatibility not only depends on the tutor's approach towards teaching but also on how he/she communicates with the student, both verbal and emotional.

Attitude or passion towards teaching

This is one crucial factor every tutor should have, and this passion can do magic, believe it or not! If you observe carefully, you can find a significant difference between teachers who are very passionate about teaching and the others who are either tired or consider teaching as a temporary job. However, people with passion communicate very differently with the students. I'm sure that you must have had such passionate teachers at some point in your life, and the magic they create while teaching.

Test your options

Though this strategy would seem tedious and a bit tiring, in the beginning, it's worth the effort and time. You'll actually get an opportunity to analyze and evaluate your performance with the tutor of choice and can pick the appropriate one. Though most students tend to stick with the second or third ones, the process mostly depends on the student's expectations to an extent.

Deciding which tutor might benefit you can be a bit stressful in the beginning and embarrassing for certain people. But an individual or group tutoring is a common way for students to boost their chances of achieving academic success or understanding the topic. So, don't worry about falling behind topics and never be embarrassed to admit that you need extra help, instead, consider the long term goal and work towards the student’s progress.

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