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Hi, my name is Noof,

I would like a tutor who has a chemical engineering background.

Thank you


Management Accounting Module


Find k critical and k cut off


what factors will determine the length in the business of the working capital cycle?

business igcse


  • I am looking for university physics1 questions' solver(15.01.2021 at 9 am (Turkish Time (TRT), UTC +3)


Graph Theory, Induction, and Probabilility


I need a tutor that can help my sons level KG, grade 6, 7, and 9.


Subjects: English, Science, Geography and history.




Renewable energy the module have these 6 topics:

-Wind power generation

-photovoltaic energy systems

-energy from biomass

-integration of renewable energy to the grid

-energy in buildings

- future energy systems



A block of mass m = 3.2 kg is placed on a rough incline surface making an angle θ = 25.2°  with horizontal. A force F parallel to the ground is applied to the block. Due to the applied force the block moved x = 1.01 meter along the inclined surface with constant speed. If the inclined surface has kinetic friction coefficient μk = 0.62 what is the work done by the applied force?

Provide your answer with 2 decimal places.

Take g = 9.81 m/s2

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